How to boost mobile network and WiFi Signal?

Boost your mobile network


We get annoyed when the signal goes off while talking on the phone. If you have such a problem while talking to someone very important, it becomes even more upsetting.

You too must have faced this kind of problem. When you talk to your friends, office seniors about a project or try to understand your family’s situation, at some point you may be stressed by the mobile network.

Here are some simple tips to help you solve this kind of problem, which will help you to improve the quality of your call while you are at home.

  • Keep windows and doors open: Mobile radio waves must struggle to cross walls. So if you keep the window and door of the room open, it will help to reduce the problem of disconnecting the phone while talking.
  • Clean the speakers and earpieces.
  • Remove the phone cover.
  • Try to keep the phone’s battery charge above 25 percent: Calls to mobile are consuming a lot of energy. Your mobile needs to be well charged to initiate calls, transmit signals, and keep it at a reliable level.
  • Move and take care of where the best signal comes from.
  • Keep electronic devices away: Electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, and microwaves can intercept your mobile phone’s signal. So if you are struggling for the quality of the phone, stay away from such devices as much as possible. Also, turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth on the mobile. Doing so helps maintain a certain level of mobile network connection.
  • Grab it right: Grab your phone well: You might find this weird. But you may be interrupting your phone’s signal by holding it. In the past, Apple has been criticized for this issue. When holding the phone, leave the antenna on the side of the phone slightly open, so that the signal is not interrupted in any way. Alternatively, you can even use a hands-free headset during the call.
  • Mobile phone coverage may vary by location. The coverage of another service provider may be better than that of one service provider in a certain location. So if the network does not work well even after taking several measures, try using another service provider’s SIM card. In this case, Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart Telecom can be an option.

Check the quality of the mobile signal
Go to the network by going to the settings of the mobile. In it you can see the DBM value of the phone. Based on this, you can find out the network quality of the phone in your location.

If your mobile network has a DBM value of -50 to -79, it is a very good quality network. In a place with such quality, four towers of the network will be seen.

Similarly, the DBM value of -80 to 89 is considered good, -90 to -99 is average, -100 to -109 is weak and -110 to 120 is considered very weak. When the mobile network is very weak, the tower will not be visible on your mobile, even if it is visible, only one will be visible.

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