Is Your Work From Home Unsafe? Follow these tips



There are many things to keep in mind for safe communication and cyber security while practicing work from home. A lot of resources are needed to make the working area safe.

The company needs to be able to determine how secure the corporate devices used remotely are. Some employees even use their own home devices to connect to the office.

In fact, a recent survey found that 50 percent of companies that allow work-from-home use their own equipment. At such times, many employees are unaware of the possibility of a cyber attack and its prior and emergency preparedness.

Covid 19 has conducted a study focusing on employees’ perceptions of the work from home that the world is practicing. The survey was conducted in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Nepal.

How safe is work from home?

Six thousand 17 full time and part time employees participated in the survey. In the survey, 55 percent of employees said they had received the necessary devices for work from home.

Twenty-six percent of employees said there was no separate room available at home for work from home. Thirty-three percent of employees reported arguing with their children over Internet restrictions.

Similarly, 51 percent of employees admitted to viewing adult content on a device they use for work from home. Seventy-three percent of employees said they had not received any IT safety awareness training to start a work from home.

53 percent said they used a VPN during work from home. Twenty-seven percent said they received malicious emails with Covid 19 as the headline.

Do it to stay safe

It is necessary to provide the right tools and information to the employees to avoid malicious malware and ransomware by maintaining cyber security during work from home. All employees working from home should ensure that they are working safely.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud protects remote workforces | Security | IT Reseller
In such a situation, in case of IT or security problem, to prepare in advance about who to contact.
Companies will arrange training for a certain period of time for the basic security awareness of the employees. All these preparations and works can be done online. Such trainings may cover topics such as account and password management, email security, endpoint security, and web browsing.
Adopt data security measures such as password protection, encrypting work devices and backing up data.
Always keep up to date with the latest patches on devices, software, applications and services. You can also do this by installing certified protection software such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud .
Make sure you have access to the new Threat Intelligence and strengthen your protection solution.
Double check the protection available on mobile devices. For example, enable remote device location, data locking and wiping, screen locking, password and biometrics security features (security features like FaceID or TouchID).
Companies should enable application control to ensure that employees are using only official applications.
Ensure router support and make sure both the device and WiFi are working properly while transmitting WiFi to different devices.
Keep your router constantly updated to prevent potential security issues.
Set up a strong password for your router and WiFi network.
If you can, work only on corporate devices provided by your company. Be aware of the potential security and privacy risks when placing corporate information on your personal computer.
Do not share your work account with anyone.
If you encounter any problems while working from home, always talk openly with your IT or cyber security team.
Kaspersky Security may be the best option

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Security provider Kaspersky has recently brought a new update to its service. In the new update, the company has added new features and security to its services.

The new version of Kaspersky 2020 has a variety of new features. Under which it will now provide by default protection against all RATs i.e. remote access tools.

Similarly, security guarantees have been improved to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by popular programs such as Microsoft Office. Which will encrypt the communication between Kaspersky’s product and the server.

Similarly, two factor authentication has been added to My Kaspersky account. There is also a dark theme feature for Mac users.

For Android, Kaspersky’s Security Cloud has added Promotion Checker. In the last update, Casper’s products have been 15 percent lighter in install and update receipt and 25 percent much faster.

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