Know the function of all 12 function keys on the keyboard


A full-size keyboard has a total of 101 to 105 keys. However, the number of such keys is less in compact systems or laptops.

No matter how small the keyboard, it contains the alphabet as well as the function key. These functions range from F1 to F12. Today we are going to tell you about the use of all these function keys.

This is the function of the keyboard function key

F1: When the computer is turned on, the system setup can be reached by pressing this button. From here, the boot process or other settings can be changed. You can also go to the Help and Support section of Windows by pressing F1 with the Windows key.

F2: With this key, you can rename any file i.e. edit its name. When most of the files have the same name, you can easily rename them by selecting all the files and pressing this key.

In Microsoft Word, you can see the print preview of the file by pressing the Ctrl key. Also, if you are working in Microsoft Excel, you can add content to any box with its help.

F3: This key can be used to open a search box in Windows. This means you can easily search any file or folder. Pressing this key in MS-DOS will re-type the previously typed command.

F4: Pressing this key in Microsoft Word can repeat the previous task. For example, the word you typed will be retyped. Also, the word that you have bolded will be typed in the same way.

Similarly, you can log off the computer by pressing Alt + F4 and Enter simultaneously. If you are working on a program on the desktop, you can close it or a window by pressing Alt + F4.

If you are opening a tab in the browser, you can close it by pressing Ctrl + F4, then you can reach the address bar by pressing F4 in Microsoft Edge.

F5: This key is useful for refreshing the computer. This allows the files to be organized automatically. Pressing it on PowerPoint starts the slide show.

F6: When you press this key, the contents of the folder open in Windows appear. Control + Shift + F6 can be pressed to view multiple documents opening in Microsoft Word one by one. Similarly, if you are in the browser, you can go directly to the address bar through this key.

F7: In Microsoft Word, if you press this key, the spelling of any word you type in it will be checked. You can also find another similar word by pressing Shift + F7 in Word and Excel.

F8: This key is used to select text in Microsoft Word.

F9: This key is used to send or receive emails in Microsoft Outlook. Screen brightness can also be controlled on many laptops with its help.

F10: You can open the menu by pressing this key while working on any software. Also pressing F10 along with Shift makes it the right click of the mouse.

F11: This key can be used for full-screen view in internet browsers. You can also create a chart by selecting a table and pressing this button.

F12: Pressing this key in Microsoft Word opens the Save Edge option. Pressing F12 with Shift will save the Microsoft file. You can also print an Excel or Word file by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12.

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