SSD or HDD, which storage is best for your computer?


Over the past few years, our computer hardware has changed. Hard drives were once called a mechanical spinning plotter hard disk drive (HDD).

But today it is being replaced by Solid State Drive (SSD). This is actually a collection of memory chips. It has a lot in common with USB flash drives. 

SSDs are modern chips. But why use it instead of HDD and what are its benefits? When is HDD a good choice? Today we are going to tell you in detail by comparing the two.  

The ability 

For laptops or desktop computers you can find both SSD and HD with the same capabilities. Most computers do not have a hard drive with a capacity of more than one TB or two TB.

SSD above two TB is not found. But there are many HDDs of this capacity. Just as cheap. So HDD can be a good option for you if you need high capacity storage. 


The price of SSD has dropped significantly in the last few years. You don’t have to spend extra to get up to two TB capacity. But HDD is an even cheaper technology. 

An SSD of two TB costs two hundred dollars or about 25 thousand rupees while an HDD of the same capacity can be found for 50 dollars or 7/8 thousand rupees. While for 512 GB SSD only you have to spend 50 dollars or 7/8 thousand rupees.

HDD is cheaper. So it is beneficial to buy large capacity. In terms of price, SSD is much cheaper than HDD. 


SSDs do not have moving components. Which makes SSD very affordable. It does not break or fall when it falls or falls.

It doesn’t get mechanical problems even when it gets old and used a lot. Therefore SSD is much more reliable than HDD. 

But another thing to note is that you can only write to SSD a limited number of times. So if data is written in it too many times, it can get corrupted.

SSD technology has now improved. Operating systems are still smart. Which has helped explain how to write data to the device. 


When you switch from HDD to SSD, you will find a very different performance level between the two. It takes a long time to boot or restart a Windows computer on a traditional hard disk drive.

Booting from SSD can be measured in seconds. Anything done with SSD is faster than with HDD. Reading files, saving, starting the app, etc., all the work is done quickly. 

Therefore SSDs are fast. Also, SSDs like HDDs don’t slow down over time. Even when the drive is full, its performance is always the same. 

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